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20 experimental drawings

Although I approached each as a complete, realized artwork, these are sketches. I drew them on the train, at drink-n-draws, at home and at 30,000 feet. These are experiments — attempts to challenge myself and improve my art. I value these as tiny triumphs in my continued crayon journey. I hope you find something remarkable in them too!

Published Jun 20XX.

So Damned


On trial in hell!

While watching TV, Rudy Castaneda slips through his couch cushions and into another dimension. There, its demos put him on trial. His crime? Wasting his life! Will Rudy beat the case? And what happens if he doesn't? Dive into these 16 devilish pages to find out! Look for this comic in stores if you're in Chicago or Phoenix. If you found this website after buying my comic, thanks! I appreciate you. Look for it in comic stores if you're in Chicago or Phoenix. If you're anyone else, read it online!

Published Apr 20XX.


with the Williams Brothers

I animated this short as a part of State Bicycle Co.'s interview series, "Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, with Pros". Justin and Cory Williams talk about their attempt to bike up Mount Baldy during the Tour of California, when Cory had a little unexpected adventure.

Published Apr 20XX


Drawing Series

Each portrait starts with an old photo that I took. I print out each photo, create a pencil tracing and use that to make a drawing in marker. After that, I scan the drawing and color it digitally. Like both memories and the night sky, these portraits are mostly dark. But in each one there's something bright - a star to focus on, a starting place in my search for significance.




New piano recording

In 1906, John Parsons Beach published "New Orleans Miniatures", a suite of compositions for piano. "Esplanade (Promenade)" is the first piece of this suite and it's also my favorite. Like a lot of early 20th-century music, it's got sweeping emotions dabbled with bits of dissonanace here and there. I could barely find any recordings of this piece, so I decided to make one myself.

Published Feb 20XX



A Pickles Dickson Adventure

His shocking origins - revealed! Buckle up for 16 popping black-and-white pages of existential awakening, dread and hope, AKA my quarter-life crisis! You know him from the webcomic, "The Varied Follies of Pickles Dickson" - read this stand-alone comic to learn his gripping origin! You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll chuckle at hip cultural references! Look for this comic in stores if you're in Chicago or Phoenix. If you're anyone else, read it online!

Published Dec 20XX

The Varied Follies of


Updates when I feel like it!

"Pickles Dickson" is a long-running web comic following the wacky misadventures of a nihilistic pickle. Common themes include the looming and unavoidable snare of death, the pain of alienation living in a postmodern world, and dicks. Occasionally funny, sometimes heavy but never pretentious (I hope not, I mean what have I got to be pretentious about?), this comic is my way of letting off steam when my anxiety wants to boil over. Really though, it's fun.



A Love Story

Will Luna's dreams come true tonight?

This one-shot comic features 16 pages of OOH LA LA romance! Plus talking bacteria! Luna has kept her true feelings for her friend Diego a secret, but tonight that's going to change. Will he reject her? Or will these two germs find love? Contains biology jokes, HOT germ-on-germ action, and a bittersweet message about love. Look for it in comic stores if you're in Chicago or Phoenix. If you're anyone else, read it online!

Published May 20XX.


What up! My name's Chris and I'm a full time indie chump just trying to make art and pay rent. Right now I'm working on comics, visual art and piano.

Comics are my way of grappling with life's anxieties. I draw and ink everything by hand with paper, pencil and sharpie before coloring digitally. It gives me a space to ask questions about life, death, meaning blah blah blah.

If any of my work has made you laugh or smile or even just sigh and go "ah, shit" then please consider supporting me by following Chris Homa XYZ on social media or by donating on Patreon. If you think my comics are laughably mediocre or subpar, please get back at me by donating on Patreon. That would really hurt my feelings and show me what's what.


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